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Christmas & Holiday Tips

Pet dog under christmas treeOnce again we have reached the time of year when lots is happening! Christmas is almost upon us, and with it comes good food and get-togethers, followed by summer holidays.

However, over these festive days, it is important not to forget about some of the challenges our furry family members face.

Christmas Hazards

Around Christmas time, certain foods as well as certain ornaments, plants and electrical cords, can be hazards for our pets.

Make sure they can’t get into foods that can upset their intestinal tracts, such as fatty foods or cooked bones. Some foods that are ok for us, can be toxic to our pets such as chocolates, fruit cakes and sugar-free foods containing xylitol.

Try to keep electrical cords, tinsel, live plants (including Christmas trees) and candles out of their reach.
For more information, see 8 Hidden Dangers for Pets at Christmas and Christmas Perils for Pets.

New Year’s Eve Noises

On New Year’s Eve, they face another challenge with fireworks lighting up our skies and causing shrieking and loud banging sound effects.
Prepare your dog by taking him or her out for a long walk earlier in the evening to tire him out, then feed him a nice meal so he is content.

Close blinds and curtains, turn the TV or radio on to mask some of the outdoor noises and always reward calm behaviour.

If your pet is scared, make sure someone will be home to support and supervise to prevent injury or escape. Keep cats, rabbits and other small pets safely indoors.

Make sure the microchip details of all your pets are up to date.

Contact us early enough if you expect major problems, for a medical assessment and support. For more information, see Fear of noises and noise phobias.

Summer Heat

If you are lucky enough to go travelling with your pet over the Summer Holidays, don’t forget to check our blog: Tips for Travelling With Pets.

Either on holidays or at home, spare a thought for our pets in the heat. On hot summer days, our dogs are best walked in the cooler parts of the day, and be aware that the pavement can be burning hot for their feet as well. If they enjoy swimming, the beach or pool can be a fun way to cool down.

Make sure they have plenty of water available, and you can even freeze some of their favourite treats into ice-blocks.

Keeping them out of the sun during the hottest time of the day protects them from sunburn. Our pets can develop sun-related skin cancers, just like we do, another reason to keep them out of the sun. For dogs (and horses) there are sunscreen products available, they need to be applied as often as human sunscreen products. Cats can be more sensitive to the ingredients of sunscreen and may get skin rashes, so keeping them out of the sun is very important. Even when they are indoors, they can still sunbake in front of a window.

Never ever leave a pet in a hot car, even with the windows cracked open. They can overheat and die in minutes!!
Be aware of pets suffering from heat strokes – for more information, see How to Identify and Prevent Heat Stroke in Your Pets.

Paralysis Tick

And finally, be aware of the Paralysis Tick risk on the Eastern Border of Australia. Use flea and tick products at the recommended dose and intervals, and don’t forget those daily tick searches. For more information, please see Paralysis Ticks, a real Danger to our Pets.

The team at Cronulla Veterinary Clinic wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year😊