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Veterinary Services

Pet dogs and cats


All-round care for animals

Regular checkups are encouraged at Cronulla Veterinary Clinic. Our pets age a lot quicker than humans, and early detection of problems may help improve and prolong quality of life.

Preventative health care includes vaccinations, to protect your pets against various contagious diseases, a well balanced diet, dental health checkups and dental health care options, positive socialisation, early addressing of behaviour problems to minimise unmanageable behaviour, and parasite treatments such as worming, heartworm prevention and flea and tick treatments. Please phone us for more information.

When your animal is unwell, you can trust us to perform a thorough examination, diagnostic tests as necessary and discuss our findings and treatment plans with you.

We look after all stages of your pet’s life, from early babyhood through to their senior years.

We are AQIS accredited to do final check ups, treatments and tests for export of your pets. Please phone us for information if you are planning to take your pet overseas.

At Cronulla Veterinary Clinic we aim to provide you with quality vet care for you and your furry friends.

We treat dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds and wildlife.

Our services include:

Vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits
Flea and tick protection
Internal Medicine, behaviour, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, and other disease processes
Surgery (general: sterilisation, castration of dogs, cats and other domestic animals, wound care, soft tissue surgery and selected orthopedic surgery)
Lab tests: inhouse bloods, urine and external laboratory tests including histology, swabs etc
Inhouse radiography and ultrasound diagnostics by prior arrangement

Pet surgery in safe hands

Surgeries can be booked in on weekdays, and include elective procedures such as speys and castrations, dental scaling and extractions, soft tissue surgery such as lump removals, exploratory surgery, wound repairs, abscess draining, radiography and selective orthopedic procedures.

Every surgery case will get a pre-anesthetic check up, with the option of pre-anesthetic blood test. Our surgeries are always monitored by an anaesthetic nurse and monitoring equipment.
Sterility, wound care and pain relief are very important to us.

We also care for wildlife.

We have a good relationship with small animal specialists, so if specialist treatment is needed we can always offer you the option of referral.