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Dental & Teeth Cleaning for Pets

Recently, I saw one of our clients with her seven year- old dog for vaccination and yearly health check. During the consultation, she mentioned that the local groomer had cleaned his teeth recently and since then he has developed a reluctance to have his mouth touched. On limited exam
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Adrenal Gland Problems in Dogs

Adrenal glands are hormone-producing organs, situated in front of the left and right kidneys; they are tiny but very important. Dogs can suffer if the glands overproduce cortisol, this is called hyperadrenocorticism, also known as Cushing’s Disease. The opposite is also possible, wher
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Lumps and bumps, what could they be?

  Many clients come in to see us when they find a lump on their pet and would like us to look at it and tell them what it is. Unfortunately, it is rarely ever that simple! What type of lump is it? It is usually impossible to tell what exactly a lump is, just by looking at it. Mos
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Life’s a Beach!

It’s lovely to be able to bring our dogs to the beach and enjoy the warm sun together. Some dogs are water babies while others prefer to relax on the sand and watch the rolling waves. It’s also a good chance for our furry friends to socialise with other dogs and people. Luckily, speci
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Valentine’s Day – How to Keep Our Pets Safe

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and with it a chance to spoil that special person with gifts, chocolates, flowers, champagne etc. However, spare a thought for the hidden dangers of some of these gifts if they were to end up in the wrong paws, of our pets! Our pets can be unpredictab
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My pet is drinking a lot of water

What could that be?? Unlike us humans, our pets don’t aim to drink eight glasses of water a day. They drink because they are thirsty. Fluids are lost from the body through urine, faeces, panting and sweating. The more fluids are lost, the more is needed to be replenished by drin
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Christmas & Holiday Tips

Once again we have reached the time of year when lots is happening! Christmas is almost upon us, and with it comes good food and get-togethers, followed by summer holidays. However, over these festive days, it is important not to forget about some of the challenges our furry family me
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The Coughing Pet

What is a cough A cough is a natural sudden protective reflex, where air rapidly gets expelled from the lungs, with the aim of clearing the airways of particles, irritants, fluids, mucus, and organisms. Everyone can have an occasional cough, but if your pet has a significant or prolon
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When Your Cat is in Labour

When your cat is having kittens, it is an exciting time, but can also be somewhat unnerving for us owners. In some cases, we may not even be aware our cat was having kittens until the impending birth! It is important to be prepared for the birth and know what a normal birth should be
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