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BARF Diets – As Nature Intended, or a Real No-No?

Benefits and Risks of a BARF Diet Raw Meat-Based Diets, or RMBDs, have become a popular choice for pet parents wanting an alternative to feeding commercially produced pet foods. But do these diets provide a balance of all the necessary nutrients for our pets, and are they safe to feed? RMBDs, also called “biologically appropriate” […]

Safe Car Travel For Pets

The internet abounds with cute pics of dogs in sunglasses with their heads hanging out of car windows and their tongues lolling out. But is this safe? And why do they love to do it? Windows The main reason dogs love to hang their heads out of vehicle windows has to do with their keen […]

The Top 7 Pet Holiday Hazards

The end of the year is a time to let our hair down and relax with family and friends as we embrace the Festive Season and all its merriment. But the very things that give this time of the year such fabulous flavour contribute to veterinary clinics seeing a considerable upswing in pet accidents and […]

Diabetes and Our Pets

Many people are shocked to learn that pets can develop diabetes just like we can. While it may be referred to as Type I or Type II, as it is in humans, diabetes in pets isn’t quite as clearly defined.  Nevertheless, diagnosing diabetes as early as possible, and careful management of the condition, thereafter, can […]

Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease – It’s Like “Bird Aids”

We have recently had a couple of wild birds with psittacine beak and feather disease, or BFDV, presented to us and feel that it’s important to provide some information to concerned members of the public about this highly infectious disease. At CVC, we’re massive bird-lovers, and it’s incredibly sad to us when we diagnose a […]

Green Dogs and Cats – How to Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint

SUSTAINABILITY has to be this decade’s buzzword.  And with good reason.  After many years of dire warnings regarding our impact on the planet, organizations and individuals worldwide are finally taking responsibility for reducing their personal load on our limited resources.  But published research into how having pets affects sustainability has thrown the cat amongst the […]

What’s The Best Food For My Pet?

With a confusing array of pet foods, both in veterinary stores and grocery stores, plus new dietary trends bombarding us online, how can we be sure we’re covering all bases when it comes to our pets’ nutritional needs? These are our top tips to help you to ask the right questions about your chosen pet […]