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What’s The Best Food For My Pet?

With a confusing array of pet foods, both in veterinary stores and grocery stores, plus new dietary trends bombarding us online, how can we be sure we’re covering all bases when it comes to our pets’ nutritional needs? These are our top tips to help you to ask the right questions about your chosen pet […]

Pet Emergencies – When To See The Vet Immediately

Most of us grew up hearing that as long as our pet had a wet nose, he or she was in good nick.  There are many health signs that pet parents need to be aware of. Our six pet emergencies that can’t be ignored will help you decide whether to rush to the vet immediately […]

Joint-Care for Canine and Feline Senior Citizens

How to keep your “Golden Oldie” comfy this Winter Winter can be a challenging time for anyone with sore, creaky joints, but often we don’t realise that our pets are in as much discomfort as humans with arthritis. How do I know if my pet is in pain? There are the obvious signs:  your pet […]

Heartworm, is it still a problem?

Updated: November 2020Originally Published: November 2018 Wherever there are mozzies, there is the risk of heartworm infection in our pets.  We’ve seen an increase in heartworm infections in recent years and with long periods of rainfall and resulting flooding, the Australian Veterinary Association is concerned about even further increases.  From January to July 2020, 15 […]

Grooming Dogs and Cats – Not Just About Looks

Whether you share your life with a Cavoodle, a Mastiff or a “special breed dog”, the long and the short of it is that ALL pets need to be groomed.  Some breeds/types may benefit from regular visits to the groomer, but home grooming is vital for the whole fur-family. HOME GROOMING Shedding – all pets […]

Heads Up! NSW Pet Ownership Rules Change

As a pet-parent, you most likely know that all NSW dogs and cats currently have to be microchipped by 12 weeks of age and registered on the NSW Pet Registry. 1st July Changes to Companion Animal Legislation From 1st July 2020, owners of restricted dog breeds and dogs declared dangerous will be charged an additional […]

How do we recognise pain in our pet?

There are a few things that make recognising pain in our pets trickier. First of all, our pets can’t tell us if they are in pain. And to complicate matters, sometimes our pets tend to hide their pain because in nature when pain or weakness is shown, they are more at risk of being targeted […]

I’ve found a baby bird, now what?

It is well and truly springtime, and during this time, people are more likely to find baby and adolescent birds (fledgelings) on the ground. What to do? First of all, finding a baby bird on its own doesn’t necessarily mean that it is orphaned. Other reasons for finding a baby bird on its own: Mum […]