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Pet Scams Are On The Rise: How to Protect Yourself and Your Pet.

PLANNING ON ADDING A NEW PUP OR KITTEN TO YOUR FURRY FAMILY? READ THIS FIRST! Pet Scams Are On The Rise Recent reports in the media on “puppy factories”, unethical breeding practices and scams involving the sale of pets have highlighted the need for greater protection for breeding animals and the public. A 2021 report […]

How Do Our Pets Really Age?

Aging Myths Most of us have heard the words, “How old is your dog in Dog Years?” at some point in our lives. For ages, people have generally accepted the idea that one ‘Dog Year’ is more or less equal to seven human years. We form such strong bonds with our furry family members, and […]

BARF Diets – As Nature Intended, or a Real No-No?

Benefits and Risks of a BARF Diet Raw Meat-Based Diets, or RMBDs, have become a popular choice for pet parents wanting an alternative to feeding commercially produced pet foods. But do these diets provide a balance of all the necessary nutrients for our pets, and are they safe to feed? RMBDs, also called “biologically appropriate” […]

Safe Car Travel For Pets

The internet abounds with cute pics of dogs in sunglasses with their heads hanging out of car windows and their tongues lolling out. But is this safe? And why do they love to do it? Windows The main reason dogs love to hang their heads out of vehicle windows has to do with their keen […]

The Top 7 Pet Holiday Hazards

The end of the year is a time to let our hair down and relax with family and friends as we embrace the Festive Season and all its merriment. But the very things that give this time of the year such fabulous flavour contribute to veterinary clinics seeing a considerable upswing in pet accidents and […]