Toxic Food For Birds

Birds are such wonderfully interactive companions that it seems like the most natural thing in the world for us to share our food with them, sometimes even without thinking. Food treats are also a great way to train and bond with birds. But, as for dogs, cats and other animals, many human treats are unsuitable […]

Why Is My Dog Eating Dirt?

As the human parent of a canine, you have, in all likelihood, often asked yourself, “Why did my dog just eat that?” Dogs are, by nature, inquisitive beings and tend to “investigate” things first with their noses and mouths. While this is normal, the habitual consumption of non-food items is classified as an eating disorder […]

Is It Dangerous To Vape Around Pets?

The use of e-cigarettes, or “vaping”, as most of us know it, has taken off in the last ten years or so. This is mainly due to many smokers finding e-cigarettes an effective alternative to nicotine gums, patches and acupuncture to help them stop smoking. The trend has attracted many “non-traditional smokers” as well, with […]

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL? Why ALL puppies need socialisation.

If we had $1 for every time we’ve heard the words: “I’ve had dogs before/all my life, I don’t need puppy school” or “I have a little dog, surely he doesn’t need training?” we would be outrageously wealthy. The reality is, if you want a dog who is never exposed to new people or other […]

BLOAT: Could Your Dog Be at High Risk for this Life-Threatening Condition?

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), commonly referred to as gastric torsion or “bloat”, is a serious condition, fatal if left untreated. The stomach becomes severely distended with gas, fluid or food, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs and decreases blood flow to and from these organs. When the stomach twists, it completely obstructs the blood supply to […]

Cats Eating Dog Food & Dogs Eating Cat Food

Given the smorgasbord of different pet foods available these days, most pet parents know that their pets require diets tailored to their specific needs in terms of species, life stage, lifestyle and health status. But should we be worried if our dog and cat swap bowls? Can Cats Eat Dog Food? While the occasional snack […]

Adopting a Senior Pet

Senior animals are often overlooked at shelters in favour of bouncy puppies and kittens, but they often make more suitable pets for several reasons. These are our 5 top reasons to adopt a Golden Oldie. 1. Easier to Profile When adopting an older dog or cat, the shelter will usually be able to give you […]

Pet Scams Are On The Rise: How to Protect Yourself and Your Pet.

PLANNING ON ADDING A NEW PUP OR KITTEN TO YOUR FURRY FAMILY? READ THIS FIRST! Pet Scams Are On The Rise Recent reports in the media on “puppy factories”, unethical breeding practices and scams involving the sale of pets have highlighted the need for greater protection for breeding animals and the public. A 2021 report […]