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Pet Owner Alerts: New Parvovirus & Best Feline Friend Recall

Cronulla Vet Clinic would like to make their clients aware of two pet related issues that have arisen in May 2017. Issue #1: a new canine Parvovirus has emerged in Australia. While this virus is new to Australia, it has been found overseas since 2000 and is closely related to the parv
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Blood testing in our pets, why is it important?

At Cronulla Veterinary Clinic we pride ourselves on performing thorough physical examinations to assess the health of your pet. But there are times when a physical examination is not enough. For example, when our pets are unwell, and we need to check the function of their organs in mo
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Tips for keeping your cat happy and healthy

When bringing your new kitten or cat home, there is a lot to consider. Some of your thoughts may include: how to best care for him or her or how to provide safety and stimulation in their lives. One of the things to decide is whether or not you would like to keep your cat indoors, or
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Feline Parvo Virus- What do YOU need to know?

Here at Cronulla Vet Clinic we need to make our clients aware of a recent Feline Infectious Enteritis (FIE, also known as feline parvo or Feline Panleukopenia) outbreak in Sydney. FIE has been dormant for nearly 40 years following eradication of the virus with vaccinations. However, i
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Rabbit Calicivirus Warnings!

Rabbit Calicivirus Warnings! Recently, the Local Land Services Office of the NSW Government has issued a warning to pet rabbit owners, urging them to vaccinate their pet rabbits as soon as possible, before the planned release of a new strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV-
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Fear of noises and noise phobias

Australia Day is nearly upon us, and the day is celebrated all over Australia, finishing up with spectacular firework displays in many parts of Sydney, including in our own Sutherland Shire. But spare a thought for our four-legged friends. Many dogs (and other pets as well, such as ca
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8 Hidden Dangers for Pets at Christmas

It is that time of the year again when we dig out the Christmas decorations, decorate the Christmas tree and brighten up our homes with lights, ornaments and presents. Sadly, though, we see many beloved family pets in our practice with preventable health issues. Therefore we have put
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Alert: Fox baiting is taking place in the Sutherland Shire!

Until the 31st March 2017, The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services will be undertaking a Fox Baiting program in the Towra Point Nature Reserve. This program will be regularly monitored by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services as part of their risk management. The poison us
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How to Read Dog’s Body Language

Dogs live in social groups, and as such benefit from subtle communication signals to convey messages to one another. Conflict can result in injuries, and so dogs have become masters at communicating and diffusing situations so they can live in harmony. Dogs communicate with humans as
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